Investing in Campbell Real Estate: Now Is the Time

If you’ve been considering investing in real estate, now is a great time to take the plunge. After all, mortgage rates are at record lows, and in many parts of the country, home prices haven’t recovered since the Great Recession hit the housing market hard in 2008 and 2009, making it a buyers’ market.

Financial Expert Warren Buffet

Real estate investment creates an excellent passive income stream – which is taxed at a lower rate than wages. Further, passive income from rental properties tends to rise: as the market shifts, rental rates typically increase, but your mortgage payments stay the same.

The Secret to Successful Investing                                                     

I always encourage investors to look at multi-unit properties. In Campbell, multi-units are typically duplexes or fourplexes.

The advantage of a multi-unit is that they go for the same price as a single-family home - but instead of just one rental income, you get two or four. This helps with maintaining positive cash flow.

For example, if you buy a single-family home for $500,000, your mortgage will likely be about $3,500/month. However, it’s challenging to rent out a half-million-dollar property for more than $3,000/month. The resulting $500 shortfall means you’ll need to feed the investment every month. Add in the cost of repairs and maintenance and the proposition quickly becomes a money pit.

But if that property had four units, you could rent out each unit for $1,200/month, allowing for a monthly $1,300 profit.

Why Investing in Campbell Is Better Than San Jose

Although Campbell has fewer investment properties than San Jose, I recommend investing in Campbell properties over San Jose for two reasons:

  1. Campbell is a family-friendly town with excellent schools, numerous parks, and a vibrant downtown.  People who are drawn to family towns tend to be more stable financially and move less, making them ideal renters.
  2. Even more important, Campbell has no rent control, whereas San Jose does. That means investors are able to set their rents where prices make sense for them and that unit.

Where to Buy Investment Property in Campbell

Where are the best places to buy rental property in Campbell? There are several pockets of multi-units:

  • Off Union Avenue
  • Off Hacienda Avenue
  • Superior Drive, Off Campbell Avenue
  • Hamilton Avenue
  • Rose Court near Campbell Community Center
  • In the area behind Safeway - Wilton Drive, Adler Avenue, Nido Drive, and Echo Avenue
  • Gale Drive behind the old Mervyns

Here’s How Hard I Work for You

I don’t like to take no for an answer. In fact, when presented with a challenge, my attitude is always, “How can I make this work?”

For example, I once had a client who was interested in buying a rental unit placed above a storefront. This was near downtown in a hive of trendy condos over retail space. I knocked on every door, made phone calls, and otherwise persisted until I found a buyer who was interested in selling.

Realty investment is my passion. It’s truly a thrill for me to track down that perfect property for you. I learned all about the business from a young age, watching my father’s very successful real estate investment business, and I’ve been an investor myself for years.

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